The Citizen’s talented mechanical movement is the biggest news in 11 years!

The summer of 2021 was a hot topic when the sports festival was held for the first time in five years. This time, the eyes are also focused on what happened in the wristwatch world for the first time in 11 years. The protagonist is “Citizen”, a long-established watch maker born in 1918 that represents Japan. From “The Citizen”, which is located at the top of the list, a new work equipped with a mechanical movement developed in-house for the first time in 11 years will be released.

If so, the spotlight should be the new movement “Cal.0200”, which is the heart of this watch. Its features are all “talented”. In other words, it is a gem with high precision and excellent aesthetics. First of all, the key to accuracy is the accuracy adjustment method called free sprung. By turning the correction screw attached to the balance to change the vibration speed, it is a mechanism that can maintain stable accuracy. This “Cal.0200” boasts high accuracy with an average daily difference of -3 to +5 seconds. The movement, which requires more precision than a general movement that uses slow and fast hands, is condensed with the uncompromising pursuit of precision that is exactly like “The Citizen”.

Next is the appearance, but this also makes use of the decoration technology of La Jou Peret of Switzerland, which “Citizen” has been under the umbrella of since 2012. The main plate and the receiver are decorated with beautiful decorations cultivated in Switzerland, which complements the beautiful train that leads to the “Citizen” discerning balance. A beautiful decorative finish and a series of gears peeking through the see-through back. The pride of the new movement appears there as well.

Naturally, beauty is expressed in elements other than the movement, and a total of 3 models are lined up. The dial is surface-treated to suit each model, allowing you to enjoy the texture and color. In addition, the case is made of stainless steel with a coarse hairline and a brilliant mirror finish. It should also be noted that the high-class finish that emphasizes the edges, including the band, shows the high level of processing technology as a manufacturer. With the profound class feeling of the material and the royal road design that does not look strange, it is finished as a gem that loudly conveys that it is “genuine”.

By the way, all three variations are only available at “Citizen Flagship Store” and “Citizen Premium Doors”. Among them, the white dial “NC0200-06A” is limited to 55 with a serial number. A premium mechanical wristwatch that you can get at a premium store. It should be a good candidate as a reward for yourself this summer.

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