The lineup is expanding. Seiko 5 Sports, from 2022 renewal to the present

The lineup is expanding. Seiko 5 Sports, from 2022 renewal to the present

“Seiko 5 Sports” has a reputation for being able to enjoy “Seiko” mechanical watches at a reasonable price. In 2019, we will thoroughly introduce the current model of this model, which officially started domestic expansion.

Resurrected in 2019. “Seiko” is a world-class masterpiece mechanical watch

“Seiko 5 Sports” was renewed in 2019 and officially re-deployed in Japan. Before the renewal, it was released as an overseas model, and Japanese watch lovers who absolutely wanted to get it had no choice but to rely on reimported products. This is because this “Seiko 5 Sport” is very reasonably priced and very stylish, while being equipped with the high-quality mechanical movement of “Seiko”. After the renewal, while inheriting the features up to that point, many collaboration models have been announced, and the attention is rising rapidly as a model that gives off even more appeal.

Its predecessor was the active model “Seiko Sportsmatic 5” released in 1963. Many of you may have seen the logo on the clock in the image once. As soon as it was released as “Seiko 5 Sports” in 1968, it quickly became popular among young people due to its sporty design. However, when the quartz era came after that, the model withdrew from Japan and became an overseas monopoly model.

What does the “5” in the model name mean? This number means “self-winding”, “waterproof”, “day-date at 3 o’clock”, “crown at 4 o’clock”, and “durable case band”. From this, you can see how good the functional concept is. And this tradition of “5” is firmly inherited even after the renewal in 2019.

The main reason why “Seiko 5 Sports” attracts many people is that it is equipped with a mechanical movement. The mechanical movement is a mechanism that operates with the force of a royal fern and moves the hands with gears. It is attracting attention as a sustainable item because it can be used for generations without using a battery and without lack of maintenance. The move installed in “Seiko 5 Sports” is the caliber 4R36. A highly reliable move with a long track record of operation. From the fact that you can buy it from 30,000 yen, you can see that it is quite excellent in cost performance considering the usable years.

Not just a diver’s look. The current “Seiko 5 Sports” has a lot of faces

The renewed “Seiko 5 Sports” follows the five functional concepts as before, and five styles are available. The recent “Seiko 5 Sport” features a diver’s look, but there is also a lineup of classic models and military-like models with a simple case without a rotating bezel. Depending on the scene you use, you will find the right model. All of them have a modern look, but they still have a sporty and rugged taste, and are designed to appeal to traditional “Seiko 5 Sports” fans.

Picked up from 5 styles. Introducing the “now” of “Seiko 5 Sports”

As I mentioned earlier, this Seiko 5 Sport offers five design styles to suit your lifestyle. From here, let’s introduce the models of interest by style.

▼ Style 1: “Sports style” that makes you feel like an active face

As the model name suggests, sports taste is the basis of this model. This “sports style” that I will introduce first can be said to be the basis of the series that symbolizes activity. We have a wide range of products, from the familiar diver’s look to the fearless simple model and the military-style model of the nylon band.



This model has a tough look with a royal diver’s style. It is equipped with a reverse rotation prevention bezel that measures the remaining amount of oxygen cylinder for diving, and is also equipped with a crown guard firmly. Although it is waterproof to 10 atmospheres (100 m), it has sufficient specifications for daily life. Of course, it is equipped with a mechanical movement.



Although it has the same specifications as the model introduced above, the dial, bezel, and case have an all-black tough look and a nylon band, which gives a completely different impression. Not only does it satisfy your sense of ownership, but it also adds a rugged taste to your outfit, making it a fashion item.



This is the simplest of the “sports styles”. The standard case and triple band are clean enough to be used in the business scene due to their fearless look. However, this is a definite “sports style”. Thick needles and dot indexes have succeeded in creating sportiness.



Wearing an olive color and using a nylon NATO belt, this one has an attractive design that goes the royal road of the military. Naturally, it has a large diameter of 40 mm for a military watch because it has a self-winding mechanical move, but it is also recommended for people with delicate arms because it is the most compact in the “sports style”.

▼ Style 2: “Suit style” of Milanese breath model with some goods drifting

The “suit style” is very sporty because the face is divers, but the vintage-flavored design such as Milanese breath and fade processing makes the adult sex appeal. It looks just like a suit without any discomfort.



“Suit style” that all models are equipped with the Milanese band that is often seen in vintage watches. What’s more, this model is well-flavored with aged indexes and luminescent paint on the hands. It is sporty and calm, so it seems that you can create a sense of trust even in business.



This work uses champagne color for the dial. The color tends to give a casual impression, but the vintage-style seasoning makes it a model with an adult astringency rather than a casual one. In addition, the sunray processing that changes the expression depending on how the light hits is also an element that enhances the sense of quality, and it matches well with suits.

▼ Style 3: “Special feeling” that makes a clear distinction with colors and materials. Don’t miss the “specialist style”

If you want to assert your individuality from your wrist, this “specialist style” is the best choice. We have added a special design to the colors, processing and materials, and we have a lineup of models with stylish looks that will not be worn by other people.



The case and bezel have a smoky finish that expresses deterioration over time, and the dial uses a steel-like embossed dial and is tough. The band that mixes calf and silicon also matches the hard atmosphere perfectly. If you want to create your own personality, this model is perfect for you.



Active yet urban. Here is a model that is also common in sports luxury, which is a trend in the watch world. The case is a good pink gold type and everything else is tightened with black, so there is no impression of gold that is often thought to be flashy. It is one that has the status of an adult but does not lose its youthfulness.



A model with a simple round case, Arabic numeral indexes, and a military look with a 24-hour scale. However, there is a “specialist series”, the index has been aged, and the retro navy color has been finished in a vintage flavor. The embossed leather band also plays a role in the taste.

▼ Style 4: A lineup with an edge is gathered in “Street style”

Even though it is called “street style”, there is no impression that it incorporates abundant primary colors. A mode-like modern street based on one tone is beautifully expressed. It is a style that keeps its presence, but its assertion is modest and looks good in various outfits.



Based on black, a bright orange color is used for the insert color. It is one that is finished in a very stylish look. Inspired by the simplicity of military watches such as the Arabic index and nylon band, it boasts a high degree of perfection as a fashion watch that suppresses the sense of army.



The concept of this model is “cement” like a street. Looking at the dial, the cement-like dial is dropped and it is very unique. In addition, the bezel is also particular about reproducing the texture of concrete with stainless steel. Although it is tough, it is gray and unified, so it does not stand out badly.



The reason why it doesn’t give a flashy impression while adopting sand processing and street-like font for the bezel is that the whole is unified with pink gold, which is modest among gold. It doesn’t insist too much, so even those who have avoided gold watches can wear it as an introductory device.



Click here for the all-black super cool “Seiko 5 Sports”. Although it is a standard round case, it uses a solid matte black, so the effect of tightening the coordination is outstanding. Also, it is a smooth match for fashionable outfits. The nylon NATO band is also attractive to fit regardless of the thickness of the arm.

▼ Style 5: Collaboration that transcends genres comes true with “sense style”

“Sense Style” is a creative and artistic series created by collaboration with artists, games, and anime. If you want to wear a unique personality, you should definitely check out the gems.


Automoai Limited Edition SBSA123

Mr. Automoai who is active in Japan. In order to fully incorporate his world view of street art with the theme of anonymity into his wristwatch, the dial, bezel, and even the leather strap are painted. By the way, an illustration is drawn on the case back, and the serial number is also engraved.15th

Street Fighter V Limited Edition Guile Model SBSA08

Collaboration with the popular game “Street Fighter V”. Six models with the image of the characters have been released, and this is the Guile version. The dial is decorated with a duck pattern like an American soldier, and there are plenty of commitments such as the Air Force emblem and dog tag.


Gucci Maze Limited Edition SBSA135

Tokyo-based graphic designer Gucci Maze. This model he worked on uses a graphic that decomposes and reconstructs the characters “SEIKO”. Also note that the bezel is etched to give it a sharp finish. The buckle and see-through back cover are also packed with graphics.


Naruto & Bolt Limited Edition SBSA087

Collaboration with popular national anime! This model is an image of Naruto’s son Bolt. The dial is decorated with a swirl pattern that expresses the Ninjutsu Rasengan, and the coloring is inspired by the jacket worn by the bolts. In addition, it is housed in a case with the motif of the scroll that appeared in the Chunin test qualifying, making it an excellent collection item.

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