The motif is ceramic tile. A new minimalist arrangement for the two classic Timex

American long-established watch maker “Timex” founded in 1854. The casual and reasonable wristwatch has been loved by many people over time. “Original Camper” and “Classic Digital” are popular as standard models, but this time, a new collection with stylish arrangements of these two models has been born. Let me tell you the whole picture as soon as possible.

As the name suggests, the “Classic Tile” collection to be released this time is based on the motif of old-fashioned ceramic tiles. Tiles, which have been used in various parts of the United States such as the New York subway, bathrooms in hotels and apartments, and kitchens in restaurants, are mass-produced industrial products, but they are hand-pasted by craftsmen to create a tasteful space. Has been created. In this collection, we have arranged two types of standard models, “original camper” and “classic digital”, with the theme of the space with such ceramic tiles and the time spent there. What I want to pay attention to is the texture. Although the case and bracelet are made of resin, they skillfully express the transparent tile-like texture.

The “original camper”, which has its roots in the military watch of the US military and has become an icon of the brand, has a minimalist impression by unifying the case, breath, and dial with one tone of black or white. Combined with the tasteful texture, it is finished in a sophisticated design that matches the dress of adults.

The digital watch “Classic Digital”, which has the atmosphere of the 80’s and 90’s, also has a completely different look due to its arrangement. The dial with a retro feel that uses the world’s first “Indiglo (R) Night Light”, which is the world’s first full-face light emitting function, goes well with the case and the orderly bracelet design, which have a unique luster like tiles. It also has an alarm, timer, and calendar function, so it can be used practically. Some things look childish, but this is perfect for adult off-style. Black gives a sharp impression, and white gives a clean and clean impression.

The appeal of this collection is that it is lightweight and does not make you feel stressed even if you wear it for a long time. The “original camper” weighs only about 32g, which is about one bell pepper, and the “classic digital” weighs about 40g, which is about one tube wasabi on the market. The excellent watch, which has a high-class ceramic-like appearance, is reasonably priced, and is comfortable to wear, will help to upgrade the style of adults.

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