The next target is G-Shock white. 15 carefully selected items that will improve the freshness of your arms

The next target is G-Shock white. 15 carefully selected items that will improve the freshness of your arms

Among the “G-SHOCK” that is attracting attention from various models this year, “white” that looks good on your wrist is the best solution if you choose it now. We have a selection of gems that are perfect for both appearance and practical use.

Even if you look at it again, you will fall in love with it. The white of “G-SHOCK” is fresh

The project team was established in 1981, and “G-SHOCK” was born after spending more than 200 prototypes and about two years. The birth of a model that could form a structure with high shock resist (= impact resistance) in the performance of wristwatches has overturned the conventional wisdom of wristwatches. Approximately 40 years have passed since the first model appeared, and with its unchanging toughness and practical functions that have been updated, it has established itself as a brand that everyone knows and loves. He is also the driving force behind the spread of the digital watch category, and in modern times it has become recognized not only for casual and sports scenes, but also for business use.

One of the major features of “G-SHOCK” is that it has a lot of variations, but on the other hand, it is difficult to decide what to choose. Especially from spring to autumn, the volume of dressing becomes thin and the wrists are often exposed, so it is no exaggeration to say that the impression of the wristwatch gives an image of coordination.

This article features a “white” “G-SHOCK” that works vividly and refreshingly on your arm. “G-SHOCK” is often made of tough materials such as rubber and resin, and its texture and white color go well together. Moreover, as a recent trend, white is increasingly being selected for sneakers and pants, making it ideal for enjoying styles aimed at color matching.

The white of “G-SHOCK” is refreshing and catchy as soon as you wear it.

The simple style that is plain and arranged is the key to how to use colors. For example, the white “G-SHOCK” will work well for dressing up the main items like this in navy. It is a concern that the basic one-mile style is easy to wear in the room, but it is possible to create a stylish look that does not make you feel it with the clean colors of navy x white. Color matching between shoes and watches is a technique that can be applied in various ways, so please try to imitate it.

Change your usual style from your wrist. Carefully selected 15 white “G-SHOCK” that you should aim for now

In the “G-SHOCK” lineup, there are a wide variety of models wearing white. Therefore, it is also a big attraction to be able to select according to the wearing scene and image. From the standard type that makes you feel the origin of the brand, to the digital-to-analog integrated type that can handle business, and the high-performance model that injects the latest modern technology, we have carefully selected 15 essential items for adults.

▼ Category 1: “Square type” with the appearance that symbolizes “G-SHOCK”

First of all, I would like to introduce a square type that inherits the genealogy of the original model “DW-5000”. It’s probably the easiest design to imagine when you hear “G-Shock”. The catchyness is exceptional because its symbolic appearance and the refreshing image created by white overlap. It is possible to create a sense of professionalism on the wrist as long as it can be claimed that it was selected with particular attention.

Item 1


A product based on the thin, compact and highly wearable “DW-5600” from the sports line “G Ride” that supports extreme sports in “G-SHOCK”. A model that incorporates surf elements strongly, such as mounting a tide graph, which is an essential function for surfers, on the upper part of the LCD screen, and subtly arranging the pinstripes lines found on surfboards on the band part. The clean white color goes well with nature such as burnt skin and the sea.

Item 2


While also based on the “DW-5600”, this work is a model with an arrangement for fashion. The matte off-white design gives a military feel, while the white dial is combined to create a simple and neat design. The bezel and band have a calm texture, so even if they are the same white, this one goes well with the urban style. I am glad that it retains high functions such as impact resistant structure and water resistance to 20 bar.

Item 3


One of the “Psychedelic Multicolors” that appeared in 2021 as a color model suitable for outdoor activities is an ambitious work that incorporates white into a precious and flashy pattern in the face design. The impact is strong when viewed partially, but since it is applied to the dial part where space is limited, it is perfect for coloring the wrist as a little eye catch. Since the character color is unified with the face color and it is playful, it can be said that it is the best choice if you want to produce a personality different from people.

Item 4


This model of cool inverted liquid crystal that you can enjoy the contrast with the white of the body is one of the “G Ride” series equipped with a tide graph. In addition to the tide graph & moon data function that covers 100 major tide points in the world, it supports activities such as surfing in the sea around the world by adopting a solar radio module. It is also excellent as a city errand, and is a highly fashionable model that is addicted to everything from street style to monotone look.

Item 5


If you want to stack it with accessories or share it with your partner, the choice of “Baby G” may be an ant. Although it has a slightly smaller form, it has perfect visibility, and the natural impression finished in all white, which is not found in men’s specifications, is attractive. Furthermore, the protector treated in the same color accelerates the feeling of gear and tough look, and there is no worry that it will look feminine even if it is worn by men. The design, which gained immense popularity in the 90’s, is perfect for the current mood.

Item 6


While retaining the advantages of the “GM-5600”, which is based on the iconic square form, impact-resistant structure, and water resistance of 20 bar, the bezel cover is made of metal to give it a luxurious appearance. Furthermore, by reducing the size from the base model, it is lightweight and comfortable to wear. In addition, the belt part uses a full flat resin band, making it suitable for sweat and water. I would like to recommend it especially to those who want to make their arms gorgeous while adding practicality.

▼ Category 2: “Ana-Digi” type with a nice sports face

Next, the brand’s popular analog and digital integrated type, commonly known as “Ana-Digi”. It is a model that enables intuitive visual recognition like a conventional hand clock by reducing the time notation to an analog type and digitally notating the others. While keeping the tough and active impression of “G-SHOCK”, the design is easy to apply in business by adding the goodness of analog.

Item 7


With an industrial design as a motif, this is characterized by a tough design with screws on all sides of the ten-sided bezel. In addition, since it is equipped with a world time function and a stopwatch function in 48 cities around the world, it can be used with confidence even when traveling or on a business trip. While having a fresh impression of white, it is finished as a work that tickles the man’s heart just because you can taste the mechanical product feeling.

Item 8


“G Steel” aims for a fresh look by fusing metal materials with its strong appearance. From the same series, we recommend a gem that brings out the smartness of white and silver stainless steel. It is an item that has spurred on its gorgeousness, such as the three-dimensional index with the edge of the original microfabrication technology and the analog hands with gorgeous gold color. As a brand with many sporty models, it would be a good idea to choose such a delicate “G-SHOCK”.

Item 9


Based on the matte white on the texture of the resin case and silicone belt, the black face and rose gold indial give it an elegant and chic appearance. While gaining a moderate sense of activity and gorgeousness, the unique style woven by the fusion of analog and digital invites you to the arm with an atmosphere. It is also a high point that it is firmly equipped with practical functionality such as world time, stopwatch, timer.

Item 10


An octagon case model that is attracting attention as a new work this season. The simple design that eliminates waste emphasizes the beauty of the case form. The case made with particular attention is made of carbon fiber reinforced resin, making it a lightweight, high-strength and highly weather-resistant case. In addition, a high-brightness LED light is used for the digital part to illuminate the dial and LCD vividly.

Item 11


The big case that symbolizes the toughness design of “G-SHOCK” is combined with the large rotary switch that is the icon of this model, and it is characterized by a sturdy appearance. The monotone color scheme, which is purely colored in black and white, including the two inverted LCDs, gives a masculine impression. In addition, the body and band are finished in a matte finish, so they will fit comfortably in coordination without being noticeable.

▼ Category 3: “High performance model” perfect for outdoor and sports scenes

Finally, we will introduce four high-performance models that incorporate modern high-tech technology. Each is equipped with a smartphone link function, which is convenient for sports and workouts. Full LCDs are also available, so you should be able to give an innovative look. There are scenes where you can make the most of each model and performance, so choose the item that suits your lifestyle.

Item 12


I would especially recommend the new sports line “G Squad” to those who run. In terms of functionality, Bluetooth connection is possible, and if linked with the GPS function of a smartphone, distance measurement by an accelerometer will be corrected. Furthermore, by linking distance measurement and running time measurement, it supports walking-based measurement, and it is attracting attention as an optimal gear for running scenes such as being equipped with an overlap function. Also, by using skeleton resin based on white, it is a work aiming for a color scheme that allows you to enjoy activities.

Item 13


Also selected from “G Squad” is a model equipped with a heart rate monitor and GPS function. As functions useful for workouts, it is equipped with an optical sensor that can measure heart rate, an acceleration sensor that can measure steps, and an orientation / altitude / barometric pressure / temperature sensor. In addition, it is one with plenty of functions that trainees can’t resist, such as checking the fitness level and training progress with a dedicated app. The active looks that you want to wear on a daily basis are also excellent.

Item 14


The full LCD type high-performance model exhibited from “G Ride” displays high tide / low tide time, high tide / low tide tide level, and sunrise / sunset time in addition to the tide graph and moon data display of the conventional model. It is possible. It is a high performance model equipped with a training measurement function as well as adding rock-solid functionality to support surfers. In addition to the functional aspects, the G-SHOCK is truly finished with a focus on looks such as the bezel that combines metal.

Item 15


An item for athleisure created with the theme of urban sports based on the popular analogi style. If it works with a smartphone via Bluetooth, it will correct the distance measurement by the accelerometer, enabling accurate mileage measurement. It is a model that I definitely want to introduce to accompany the daily running scene. Despite its high performance, the monotone-finished analog-digital type is a great attraction because it goes well with a wide range of styles, from casual to bizikaji.

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