The ultimate in practical watches produced by the United States. Functional beauty that dwells in Ball Watch

Tough, accurate and unrivaled, and anyway, a rugged design. “Ball Watch” is a wristwatch brand that meets the requirements for a wristwatch that makes every man feel good. Let’s thoroughly verify its appeal.

Functional and therefore sophisticated. “Ball Watch” is popular with adults who know the “real” of watches

Functional and therefore sophisticated.  "Ball Watch" is popular with adults who know the "real" of watches

“Ball Watch” has been gaining popularity among watch lovers these days. The main reason for this is that the basics of a wristwatch are solid, such as being sturdy and accurate, and being easy to see the time. Mechanical watches, which are driven by meshing small gears, are generally very vulnerable to shocks. Watches that are tough and can be used hard have few choices. In that respect, “Ball Watch” can be worn without much care, and there is a sense of security that it is okay to take it out for a while.

The history and philosophy of “Ball Watch” that was with the American railway industry

The history and philosophy of "Ball Watch" that was with the American railway industry

The excellent feature of “Ball Watch”, which is tough and accurate, has a lot to do with the formation of the brand. Now let’s look back on that history. The founder of “Ball Watch” is Web C.I. Mr. Ball. Web C. was appointed as the supervisory inspector of the Krugobaykal Railway in November 1891. While investigating the tragic railroad accident that occurred in April of the same year, Mr. Ball said that in order to maintain a safe railroad system, it is necessary to have an accurate clock and a clock that keeps the correct time in any harsh situation. I’m sure. Mr. Ball has a watchmaker inspect all watches used in the railway business, such as car owners and engineers, and has established provisions such as requiring adjustment for watches with a deviation of 30 seconds or more from standard time, and accurate railway watches. I created the system.

Web C. The “tough and accurate” clock image that Mr. Ball created over 140 years ago continues to be the axis of “Ball Watch” even today. In other words, it is the brand’s mission to keep accurate time in any harsh situation. In order to achieve that mission, “Ball Watch” continues to be developed in search of a tough case structure with excellent earthquake resistance, magnetic resistance, bass resistance, etc. that can be used in all situations, and has created its own technology. increase. Its toughness and accuracy, loved by watch lovers, has been a brand philosophy since its inception.

Overwhelming toughness rooted in professional use. Functions in “Ball Watch”

“Ball Watch” originated from American railway watches, and the selling point is the reliability that professionals can use with peace of mind. Here, we will introduce the unique functions that support it.

Function 1

Because it is a professional watch. Overwhelming magnetic resistance is unrivaled

Because it is a professional watch.  Overwhelming magnetic resistance is unrivaled

Magnetic force is known as the enemy of wristwatches. When the metal parts of a movement such as gears are magnetized by long-term contact with electrical products such as PCs, they attract each other and the time goes wrong. “Ball Watch” is equipped with another soft iron inner case inside the case. This non-magnetic inner case covers the movement to prevent magnetization. The definition of anti-magnetism is that there is no daily difference of ± 30 seconds even in a magnetic field of 4,800 A / m. For example, “EH Space Master” of “Ball Watch” is 12,000 A / m, “Magnito S”. Has a magnetic resistance of 80,000 A / m.

Function 2

Unexpected shock is also expected. Pursuit of robustness to maintain accuracy

Unexpected shock is also expected.  Pursuit of robustness to maintain accuracy

We have already mentioned that Ball Watch is shock resistant, but all models have been proven to withstand a shock of 5,000 Gs, which complies with the international standard ISO 1413. In addition, the flagship model “Engineer Hydrocarbon” has undergone a radical test, such as impacting the most fragile crown with a 1.5m pendulum hammer that exceeds the ISO standard. With the patented safety lock crown system, it has passed the impact resistance test of 7,500Gs.

Function 3

Authentic waterproof performance assuming even realistic diving

Authentic waterproof performance assuming even realistic diving

“Ball Watch” is also enthusiastic about waterproofness. The water resistance test is to completely immerse the watch in distilled water containing 1% of the weight of the infiltrator for at least 5 minutes and apply a pressure equivalent to 15 pounds of air pressure per square inch to test the airtightness. .. You need to pass this test to get out into the world. From the lineup of the diver’s model “Engineer Hydrocarbon Deep Quest”, which boasts a water resistance of 3,000 m, you can get a glimpse of the technological capabilities of “Ball Watch”.

Function 4

High visibility that lasts for more than 10 years. Index with micro gas light

High visibility that lasts for more than 10 years.  Index with micro gas light

Along with being tough and accurate, one of the advantages of “Ball Watch” is that the time is easy to read. This is thanks to the luminous system called Micro Gas Light. The feature of this system is that it emits light by itself, not by storing light. The tritium gas is sealed in a vacuum mineral glass glass tube, and the electrons emitted from the tritium react with the fluorescent substance coating on the inner wall of the glass tube to emit bright light, the same mechanism as a CRT TV. Its brightness reaches 70 times that of normal phosphorescent paint, and it continues to shine for more than 10 years.

From entry models to high-class ones. 5 recommended carefully selected “Ball Watch”

So far, we have explained the features of “Ball Watch”, such as toughness, accuracy, and easy-to-see time, in relation to history and functions, but let’s introduce the actual items.

Light, durable and rational. What does it mean to wrap a titanium wristwatch around your wrist now? 

Engineer Hydrocarbon Original

Engineer Hydrocarbon Original

Anniversary model commemorating the 15th anniversary of the birth of “Engineer Hydrocarbon”, which is a representative model of “Ball Watch”. While ensuring magnetic resistance by adopting a soft iron inner case, it is a model that has all the charms of “Ball Watch” such as excellent visibility by micro gas light and impact resistance by safety lock crown system. It is no exaggeration to say that. In addition, this model is also equipped with two patented technologies, a spring lock seismic system and a spring seal seismic system, so it has a considerably high level of robustness among mechanical watches.

Engineer Hydrocarbon Original 2nd image

It is thanks to this robust safety lock crown system that this model boasts impact resistance that exceeds ISO standards. In addition, the system also helps prevent the crown from being forgotten because it can only be locked by screwing the protection plate next to the crown to the end.


Ball Train Master Standard Time

Ball Train Master Standard Time

Among the “Ball Watch”, which has big but tough models, the “Train Master” has an attractive authentic look that resembles a pocket watch of the past. The impact resistance is inferior to that of the professional model, but the movement complies with the Swiss official chronometer standard, so the reliability is with origami. The hour and minute hands of the blueprint are classical and very beautiful, and you can feel the pride of the brand in the place where the luminous of the micro gas light is firmly contained.

Ball Train Master Standard Time 2nd image

The dial that reproduces the enamel of a pocket watch that was once used by railroad workers is as beautiful as a craft. This is a technique called cold enamel, in which white lacquer paint is applied over and over again to polish it, making it a very elaborate gem.


Stokeman Victory

Stokeman Victory

“Stokeman” is a model that can get tough functionality like “Ball Watch” at a reasonable price while having a simple design. The “Stokeman Victory” introduced this time is also equipped with a toughness structure such as impact resistance of 5,000 Gs and water resistance of 100 m, while having an extremely orthodox shape with 3 hands. The toughness remains the same, but the delicate guilloche covers the entire dial, giving it a dressy and luxurious feel. It is a versatile model that can be used in the business scene.

Stokeman Victory 2nd image

Luminous uses the familiar micro gas light from “Ball Watch”. The brightness of a normal phosphorescent index gradually decreases over time, but with a micro gas light, it will continue to shine for 10 years with 70 times the amount of light.


Engineer III Aviator

Engineer III Aviator

“Engineer III” is a model with excellent impact resistance and magnetism resistance. The balance, which is the heart of the watch, is equipped with a unique spring lock function. This is a patented technology that prevents the deformation of the balance spring due to shock and reduces the effect of shock by up to 66%. At the same time, a part called a spring seal is set in the speed governor. This is a strength-enhancing component that serves to minimize the impact on accuracy in the event of impact.

Engineer III Aviator 2nd image

Of course, anti-magnetic measures are perfect. Mu-metal with high magnetic permeability is used for the inner case that covers the movement. Achieves magnetic resistance of 80,000 A / m.


Engineer Master II Diver III

Engineer Master II Diver III

“Engineer Master II” is a sports line designed for professional athletes. As the name suggests, this “diver III” is a diver’s watch with a water resistance of 300m. The power of the night light by the micro gas light is outstanding, and you can clearly see the time and the remaining oxygen remaining time even in the dark sea.

Engineer Master II Diver III 2nd image

A rotating bezel is an essential feature for divers. However, the “Engineer Master II Diver III” uses an inner bezel that rotates the disc inside the dial. It features a clean design.

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