The ultimate in sophistication. Raise a man with the scent of Jo Malone London

The British brand “Joe Malone London” is synonymous with the scent that makes you feel the luxury of adults. Introducing the recommended lineup centered on perfumes.

Do you know “Joe Malone London”?

“Joe Malone London” is a luxury fragrance brand founded in London in 1994. While focusing on perfumes, we offer a wide range of scent-related items such as grooming, candles, and room fragrances. The beautifully designed bottles and packages, as well as the discerning scent produced from carefully selected ingredients, are the ultimate in sophistication. It is loved by celebrities as a sure choice for gifts to loved ones,,

What is the scent of “Jo Malone London” that fascinates adults?

Why is the scent of “Jo Malone London” so popular among the many fragrance brands? We will narrow down the points to two and approach its charm.

Abundant scent variations for various scene

The scent of “Jo Malone London” has the appeal of being able to choose your favorite from a wide variety of citrus fruits such as refreshing citrus, solid wood scents, and spicy scents that give a unique impression. .. Therefore, you can choose and enjoy different scents depending on your current mood and situation.

Unique proposal to layer different scents

“Joe Malone London” proposes a way to enjoy luxuriously layering the scent of the same brand according to your taste. Called “fragrance combining”, it is a very unique product that creates an original scent by combining different types. Please enjoy the fun of finding a scent that suits you.

7 scents of “Jo Malone London” that I would like to recommend to men

From the wide variety of scents of “Jo Malone London”, which is loved by celebrities all over the world and attracts sophisticated adults, we would like to introduce items that we especially recommend to men. You will surely find your favorite scent!

Lime Basil & Mandarin Colon 30ml EDC

“Lime Basil & Mandarin Colon” is a fragrance that represents the brand. It features a refreshing scent with stimulating basil and fragrant white thyme added to lime that reminds you of the wind blowing in the Caribbean Sea. A product that can be recommended to a wide range of people with a nostalgic but sophisticated modern classic feel.

Wood Sage & Sea Salt EDC SP 100ml

The combination of woody and earthy sage and sea salt that carries the refreshing sea air gives a fresh and active scent. By wearing it, you can feel refreshed as if you were released from your daily life. The scent can be used in unisex, so it is recommended to share it with your partner.

Amber & Lavender Colon 100ml EDC

“Amber & Lavender Colon” is popular for its classic and sophisticated scent that fits the image of the brand. The combination of French lavender, petit grain, and amber with a sweet and deep scent gives a chic impression. It has a very urban and elegant scent, so it is also recommended for business situations.

English Oak & Hazelnut EDC ・ SP 30ml

Here is the scent of spicy and crisp impression that is supported by men. The combination of green hazelnuts, spicy luzonic and roasted oak creates a scent that makes you feel the scale of being surrounded by nature.

Oud & Bergamot Colon Intense 100ml

The inspiration for Jo Malone London goes beyond the UK. For example, this “Oud & Bergamot Colon Intense” uses precious oud, which is a traditional scent of the Middle East. A luxurious dish that combines the essence of refreshing bergamot and orange granita with a mysterious and smoky scent based on a very expensive oud due to its rarity.

Myrrh & Tonka Colon Intense 100ml

“Myrrh & Tonka Colon Intense” is a noble and luxurious scent that can be said to be unique to the brand. The scent of myrrh sap, warm almonds, rich vanilla, and fascinating tonka beans, which have been hand-picked in Namibia in Africa for a long time, is very sensual. An adult scent that makes you feel romance every time you wear it.

Bronze Wood & Leather Colon Intense

Among the scents for men, “Bronze Wood & Leather Colon Intense” has a chic and powerful masculine feel. The basis for this is the heavy and soothing scent of handcrafted leather, which is familiar to men. A dish with a refreshing essence such as fresh grapefruit.

Also pay attention to the easy-to-use solid perfume of “Jo Malone London”

Among the perfumes released by the brand, the unique existence is the solid type kneaded perfume. From 10 types of scents, 2 types are selected and set in a compact case called “fragrance combining pallet” for use. It is also attractive that you can easily carry the scent of your favorite combination.

Blackberry & Bay Solid St. Refill

Dramatically deeply colored and sour blackberry juice expresses the freshness of freshly picked bay leaves and the liveliness of abundant vegetation. Solid perfume has a light and smooth texture that you can enjoy by attaching it to your wrists, back of your neck, or the tips of your hair.

Peony & Brush Suede Solid St. Refill

“Piony & Blush Suede” is one of the scents that makes you feel the sophisticated and luxurious world of “Jo Malone London”. An adult scent with a soft suede leather scent added to elements such as beautifully blooming peony flowers, fresh red apple fruits, gorgeous jasmine, rose, and dianthus.

Nectarin Blossom & Honey Solid St. Refill

Inspired by the UK, Nectarine Blossom & Honey is based on fresh nectarines, peaches and cassis from the early morning market in Covent Garden, London. The sweet and bright scent of acacia, which is a spring flower, is added to create a playful atmosphere, which is recommended for both men and women.

Men’s grooming items that you want to enjoy with the perfume of “Jo Malone London”

“Jo Malone London” has a wide range of men’s grooming items that you can enjoy with perfume. Not only can you choose the same scent as the perfume on Theory Street, but you can also enjoy a unique way of enjoying it by using different scents with the intention of combining the scents.

Wood Sage & Sea Salt Body & Hand Wash

This body and hand wash has a fine lather that gently cleanses and smoothes the skin. When used for hand washing or bath time, you can create a fresh and active scent that combines woody and earthy sage with sea salt that carries the refreshing sea air.

Pomegranate Noir Exfoliating Shower Gel

A shower gel that cleanses and cares for the skin in one step. Since this contains a scrub, it will polish your skin to a smooth skin by removing the roughness of your skin while washing your body. The fascinating scent of Pomegranate Noir guarantees that bath time will be a healing time.

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