Timex is a permanent staple of casual watches. Dig deep into the present with popular models

American national watch brand “Timex”. We have a large lineup of eternal classic models, and we will thoroughly dissect the brand that reigns as a male casual watch.

More than 150 years since its foundation. Keep an eye on “Timex”, which continues to expand in width

More than 150 years since its foundation.  Keep an eye on "Timex", which continues to expand in width

Simple looks that can be worn by anyone, and a low price that you can easily buy. “Timex”, which has been loved by everyone, is a brand that can be called the king of casual watches. Needless to say, the super classics “Camper” and “Weekender”, which are synonymous with it, are unfortunately out of print, but the existence of “The best-selling sports model in the world” and “Iron Man” is a masterpiece that everyone recognizes. In addition, there is no lack of practicality and topicality, such as the classic masterpiece “Q Timex” which became a big boom when it was reprinted in recent years, and “Expedition” which is perfect for the outdoors, and it constantly reigns at the center of casual watches. It is “Timex”.

More than 150 years since its foundation.  Keep an eye on the ever-expanding "Timex" second image

It is extremely popular here in Japan, and the first candidate for those who want a simple 3-needle model is the number of simple models that “Timex” is proud of. In particular, the mega-hit military watch “Camper”, which is said to have “one in three people in the world,” has created numerous collaboration products with famous select shops and apparel brands such as “Beams” and “Engineered Garments.” I am. In particular, the digital model that collaborated with “Supreme” is popular because it is traded at a premier price. “Timex” is not just a casual watch, it also has the aspect of a Fauchon watch.

History / development / design. “Timex” captured on three axes

“Timex” has a history of nearly 170 years. We will examine the reasons why many people have been fascinated over the years from three perspectives.

“Timex” has continued to grow while staying close to American history

American national watch brand “Timex”. It started in 1854 at the Waterbury Clock Company, which was born in Connecticut, USA. The blockbuster work at the time of its founding was “Yankee” that appeared in 1896. As soon as it was released at a catchy price of $ 1, it achieved sales of 40 million units in 20 years. At that time, the name “Timex” did not exist yet, but it can be seen that it had already produced a national model of the United States from the 19th century.

"Timex" has continued to grow while staying close to American history

Then, in 1931, the world’s first character watch, the “Mickey Mouse Watch,” prevailed. Back in the 1910s, we provided the US military with a wristwatch-type military watch. Then, in the 1960s, the disposable watch supplied to the US military during the Vietnam War became a big hit as a “camper”. In addition, it is no exaggeration to say that “Timex” has walked the history of the United States, such as “Iron Man,” the “best-selling sports watch in the world,” used by US President Bill Clinton.

It’s not just affordable. Development ability of “Timex” that considers users

It's not just affordable.  Development ability of "Timex" that considers users

The technical topic in recent years will be the fully luminescent dial “Indiglo Night Light” that appeared in 1992 from “Iron Man”. This mechanism realizes extremely high visibility by applying luminescent paint to the hands and indexes and shining at the point, whereas the entire dial emits light. In addition, it is aesthetically pleasing and has made a great contribution to the watch world. It can be said to be a “camper”, but it is also a feature of “Timex” that practicality and good looks coexist.

Because it is closely related to culture. Flexible efforts that do not limit the other party

Because it is closely related to culture.  Flexible efforts that do not limit the other party

As mentioned above, “Timex” is known as a brand that has a very high affinity with culture because it collaborated with Mickey Mouse and released the character watch for the first time in history. As mentioned earlier, we have collaborated with famous apparel brands and select shops to release elaborate items. In addition, there is no barrier to the other party, such as collaboration with major companies such as Coca-Cola and the masterpiece game “Pac-Man”. It has always been a source of surprise and excitement.

“Timex” continues to produce new classics. These two models are especially noteworthy now

So far, we have comprehensively introduced the charm of “Timex”, but here we will feature two hot models in such a popular brand!

▼ Model 1: “Q Timex” which has recorded overwhelming sales since its release in 2019

▼ Model 1: "Q Timex" which has recorded overwhelming sales since its release in 2019

The first “Q Timex” was born in 1979, when the clock mechanism changed from a mechanical type to a quartz type. The first model attracted a lot of attention because it adopted an unfamiliar drive system called the electromagnetic balance type. To briefly explain this electromagnetic balance method, it is a hybrid method in which parts called balances, which were conventionally moved using a mainspring, are moved by battery power. Such “Q Timex” is sold out immediately when it is reprinted in the United States in 2019 (the reprinted version is a quartz type), and it is sold out immediately here in Japan as well when online lottery sales start in 2020, only 30 It has a record of being sold out in minutes.

One of the reasons why “Q Timex” has gained explosive popularity is that it faithfully reproduces the retro design that is becoming more popular in this era. The details such as the dome-shaped windshield peculiar to vintage, the rotating bezel with alumite processing, the hatch for battery replacement of the back cover, and the retro folding bracelet in which large and small pieces are intricately linked, bring the classics of the past to life. At the same time, it still gives a fresh impression.

Not limited to quartz, self-winding models are also popular

The “Q” in “Q Timex” is taken from the initials of Quartz, which was an advanced technology at the time of the original appearance. However, the reprint “Q Timex” also has an old-fashioned mechanical model. Although the size is 2mm larger than the quartz model, it almost follows the design features. From the see-through back cover, it is possible to see the movement, making it a look that is more preferred by adult users.

The “Chipkashi” group and the LCD model that comes with a jerk are also reprinted

The "Chipkashi" group and the LCD model that comes with a jerk are also reprinted

The LCD analog watch, which became popular as the most futuristic watch in the 1980s, has also been reprinted. That is “Q Timex Reissue Digital LCA”. Not only the functionality unique to digital such as dual time and stopwatch, but also the specifications full of retrofuturism such as displaying analog hands digitally are attractive.

▼ Model 2: The classic digital watch “Atlantis 100” following “Iron Man”

▼ Model 2: The classic digital watch "Atlantis 100" following "Iron Man"

Born in 1986, “Iron Man” has gained popularity as a symbol of “Timex” sports watches, including reprinted models. The “Atlantis 100” is attracting attention as a model to replace such a masterpiece that will be discontinued. Although the reprint was later than “Iron Man”, the original of this “Atlantis 100” is a historic series born in 1984.

This “Atlantis”, which will be the seat of the sports watch in “Timex”, is equipped with many functions such as dual time and alarm, in addition to sports functions comparable to “Iron Man” such as split time measurement and 100m water resistance. doing. In addition, various collaborations have already been announced by famous select shops and brands, making it a must-see for fashion watches.

From big classics to new faces. 10 masterpieces you want to hold now with “Timex”

From the classic to the hottest new face, select 10 models that you should check now with “Timex”. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Original camper TW2P88400

Original camper TW2P88400

The “Disposable Watch” provided to soldiers during the Vietnam War was released to the private sector in the 1980s by the “Camper”. This “original camper” faithfully reproduces the looks of the model and reproduces it. This reprint model was equipped with a mechanical move in the 1980s, but is now switched to a quartz move. However, the dome-shaped plastic windshield, the shape of the case, and the Arabic index with outstanding visibility are the same as when they first appeared.

MK1 Mechanical Camper TW2U69000

MK1 Mechanical Camper TW2U69000

From the “Archive Collection”, which revives the masterpieces of yesteryear in a modern style, a model equipped with a hand-wound movement that is closer to the “disposable watch” at the time of the Vietnam War has appeared. At the time of the Vietnam War, there were no battery-powered quartz watches, and soldiers were provided with a hand-wound watch. This model has a more luxurious specification, such as polishing the case separately with satin and polish. If you are particular about the contents, this is the one you should check.

Weekender Central Park T2N747

Weekender Central Park T2N747

Since the founding place of Connecticut in the United States was a mecca for the brass processing industry, the “Weekender” has a simple military taste and uses chrome-plated brass for the case. This model uses NATO straps with loose stitches to create a more casual impression. It is also equipped with a unique indiglo night light system that emits light from the entire dial, making it extremely easy to use in daily life.

Expedition Gallatin Solar TW4B14500

Expedition Gallatin Solar TW4B14500

“Expedition” that is active in outdoor use. This model, which features a strong bezel (non-rotating), has a solar power generation specification that can be fully charged in about 5 hours in fine weather. A fully charged watch will continue to run for about two months even when it is not exposed to the sun at all. The fabric NATO strap is perfect for military taste and is a fashion accent. In addition, this model is quite large with a case diameter of 45 mm in “Timex”, which has many small and simple models. It is also recommended for people who value presence.

Modern Easy Reader T2N338

Modern Easy Reader T2N338

A modern update of the “Big Easy Reader” featuring a large index that was also the signboard model of “Timex”. This extremely simple model, which has only three needles, can be said to be a versatile model unique to “Timex” that can be worn by anyone or in any situation. The case has brand-like details such as brass and indiglo night light system.

Q Timex TW2T80700

Q Timex TW2T80700

“Timex” Speaking of recent blockbusters, this is “Q Timex”. This is a model that has a color palette commonly known as Pepsi Color, and as I mentioned in this article, it has a legend that it sold out in 30 minutes when the reprint was released last year. It has a lot of retro charm such as a dome-shaped windshield and multiple bracelets, but it is equipped with a day-date and has a water resistance of 5 atm and functionality that can be conveniently used in daily life.

Q Timex Mechanical

Q Timex Mechanical

“Q Timex” equipped with a self-winding movement. The movement is made by Miyota in Japan, and you can enjoy the movement from the see-through back cover. The color of the bezel is the popular name “Batman” in blue and black, which is familiar in the “GMT Master” series of “Rolex”, and it is a popular color palette not only for watch experts.

Q Timex Reissue DIGITAL LCA

Q Timex Reissue DIGITAL LCA

The popular analog digital model of the 1980s is reprinted as “Q Timex”. Since the original is a model before the announcement of the Indiglo Night Light, the faithfulness to the original is made first, such as making this reproduction a specification that illuminates the dial with a tiny LED bulb. However, the LCD module uses a new three-layer technology, and is a gem that combines modern technology with past design at a high level.

Atlantis 100 Forest Service

Atlantis 100 Forest Service

“Atlantis 100” has become a representative of the sports model of “Timex”. This is a model that homages forest services such as the Forest Department of the United States Department of Agriculture, which deals with global warming and forest fires. Equipped with an indiglo night light, it is packed with useful functions for everyday use such as chronograph, alarm, and dual time. It can be said that 100m water resistance is also a reassuring specification.

“Timex” x “Beams” original camper

"Timex" x "Beams" original camper

A collaboration model with “BEAMS” that has a skeleton dial and overlooks the quartz movement. Although it is a hard-lined and extremely simple “camper”, it succeeded in creating a very urban taste with a novel idea! There is no doubt that it will play an active role as an accent to your outfit. Also, the package is original. It’s also perfect as a gift.

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