Tissot's Sea Star is the favorite of divers' watches, proven by more than half a century of history.

Tissot’s Sea Star is the favorite of divers’ watches, proven by more than half a century of history.

Swiss long-established brand “Tissot” is supported by men and women of all ages because of its high quality and reasonable price. To tell the truth, the amount of effort put into the diver’s watch “Tissot Sea Star” is amazing.

A diver’s category that looks like a group of eggplants. If you are looking for a solid one, there is “Tissot”

Powerful and functional beauty, high specs that tickle the man’s heart. Diving watches, which have played an important role in the history of modern watches, are now the main battlefield from the sea to the city. Nowadays, various brands release diver’s watches with their own interpretations, but if you want to get a solid one, the long-established Swiss brand is probably the best candidate. Among them, with “Tissot”, you can get a diver’s watch that does not compromise on appearance and specifications at an affordable price.

About the brand “Tissot” and “Tissot Sea Star”

Although the price is the entry price, “Tissot” boasts a solid brand power and provides valuable watches. The reason for its popularity is that it has continued to produce innovative watches in its history of more than 160 years.

Founded in 1853. We opened a factory in Le Locle, a city that represents the Swiss watch industry, and the first thing we completed was a two-time zone type pocket watch. In the era of wristwatches, the so-called “banana watch”, which became a worldwide hit and is still loved, was the world’s first magnetically resistant wristwatch in 1930, and stone, wood, and plastic were used as the material for the wristwatch. I have also challenged the use of materials that break the concept. It is not uncommon for Tissot to have pioneered what is now commonplace in the wristwatch world.

The “Tissot Sea Star” series also has a wristwatch that has played an important role in the history of “Tissot”. Originally announced in the 1950s, the model of the same name is the original. As the name suggests, the watch is waterproof, yet has elegant details, and is now a luxury sports watch.

The modern “Tissot Sea Star”, which inherits that essence, is a full-fledged diver’s watch, yet it has a stylish elegance. In addition to waterproof performance, the drive unit of the latest model adopts the movement “Powermatic 80 Sylium” equipped with a silicon balance spring used for some high-end watches, and it has excellent long-time drive of about 80 hours. It is also attractive that it boasts magnetic resistance.

High specs for a modern look. Let’s dig into “Tissot Sea Star 1000”

The simple 3-needle automatic model and the sporty quartz chronograph model prove the high basic performance of the “Tissot Sea Star” series. There are many variations of straps, and it is also worth noting that the atmosphere changes dramatically.

▼ I don’t think it’s less than 100,000 yen. High-spec automatic model both inside and outside

At first glance, the “Tissot Sea Star” has the royal style of a diver’s watch, with thick and highly visible hands, round indexes, and numbers on the rotating bezel. However, when you put it on your wrist, you will notice that it is stylish enough to make you forget that it is a sports watch boasting high performance of 300 m water resistance. It goes without saying that the minimalist and sophisticated dial, which has a beautiful brilliance of sunray finish, exudes elegance, but the texture of the ceramic bezel and the polish of the edges are carefully finished even if you look at the details. You can see that.

The stainless steel case, which is straight but has a complicated surface structure, also plays a role. The thickness is 12.7 mm. Considering that many general 200m water resistant watches are thicker than this, it is a fairly thin category for a 300m water resistant watch. That is why the elegance of the dial and the finish of the details come to life.

At the heart of the base model is the “Powermatic 80,” which was jointly developed with ETA. As the name suggests, this is a high-precision movement that has achieved continuous driving for about 80 hours, which is amazing considering the price of 100,000 yen or less. Even if you take it off on Friday night and spend the weekend as it is, it will continue to work until early Tuesday morning, so you can wear it as a practical wristwatch without stress.

A sporty rubber belt is also cool, but if you want to take advantage of the blue gradation, try the Milanese bracelet woven with metal wire. A refreshing breeze is added to the elegance, and there is no doubt that it will produce a nice summery arm.

Introduced with a silver-colored dial, this is a popular model that is often sold out. Nowadays, the retro return is progressing, and the combination of silver dial and quadruple breath creates an exquisite vintage feeling and further enhances the affinity with fashion.

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▼ Full presence! Check out the powerful and high-cost quartz chronograph

The chronograph model is equipped with a quartz movement while maintaining an elegant style that is not overly assertive. As with the 3-needle model, this also uses a screw-down crown and back cover to achieve a water resistance of 300 m, boasting high basic performance as a diver’s watch. Although it is equipped with a chronograph function that can be used in everyday life, the price is in the 60,000 yen range. You can see the seriousness of “Tissot” when it comes to aggressive pricing. It can be said that it is a very well-balanced high cost performance model.

Compared to the 3-needle model, the case diameter has been increased from 43 mm to 45.5 mm, making this model even more powerful. A 12-hour counter, a 30-minute counter, and three sub-dial that indicate seconds are lined up in a well-mannered manner, and a record pattern is applied to each to create a three-dimensional effect. A face suitable for a powerful dial can be said to be a privilege only for the chronograph model.

Normally, when the diameter is as large as 45 mm, it looks unbalanced on the sleeves of the suit. However, I still don’t dislike it because of its simple design and beautiful glossy finish. I think this is the perfect watch for those who want an adult wristwatch while showing its presence at the wrist.

This model was added as a new work in 2021. The black and red colors that give a fearless impression, and the design that swings in a casual and sporty direction are perfect for those who want to mainly use it with casual clothes. Color dials are also popular, but with this one, which is more masculinity, it’s hard to get bored and it seems that you can continue to use it for a long time.

We also have a lineup of models like this that change the atmosphere. With a black case with black PVD processing, a black dial, and a black rubber belt, this product is sure to show its presence at the wrist in combination with its large size. “Black”, which is a classic but repeatedly popular in fashion, is suitable for the second and subsequent watches.

Take off your hat for texture and making. What is “2000” of “Tissot Sea Star” that I want to recommend to discerning adults?

An excellent work that can only be realized by “Tissot”, which has been sending high quality watches to the world at a reasonable price for many years. That is “Tissot T-Sister 2000 Professional”. A robust case that boasts a water resistance of 600m for saturated diving, a scratch-resistant ceramic reverse rotation prevention bezel, and a long power reserve of up to 80 hours. While packed with high specs for professional divers who are active in the harsh conditions of the deep sea, the price tag of the low 100,000 yen range surprised the world’s wristwatches.

In order to make it a wristwatch that lives up to the name of “professional”, attention has been paid to details such as the bezel that pursues an edge that is easy to operate even while wearing gloves, but the design is also noteworthy. One. In particular, the dial with a wave pattern is attractive for its beautiful gradation that changes to a deeper color as it goes outward.

Although the case diameter is as large as 46 mm, it is still a stone’s throw that provides a comfortable fit for everyday use. The secret lies in the rug, which is bolder and shorter than usual to increase the fit. By the way, the bracelet is interchangeable with a removal mechanism on the case side, so you can change the belt without using any tools. It is also worth noting that it incorporates the trends of the wristwatch industry in recent years. Also, it is surprising that the back cover is see-through even though it is waterproof to 600m. The high technology of “Tissot” appears here as well.

The 2021 model, which will be the debut year, is available in three color variations. Here, we adopted Nordic blue, which is characterized by blue reminiscent of the Scandinavian sea. Although it has a refreshing effect that neutralizes the heavy impression that is often found in voluminous divers’ watches, it has a calm adult color that is never childish.

At first glance, it looks like a classic black dial, but in fact, it uses dark stormy gray with a beautiful gray gradation. Since it is an elegant color that makes you feel the calmness of an adult, you can choose the clothes you want to match. In addition, this model uses a sporty rubber belt by default. It is also perfect for full-scale diving applications.

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