Turnwatch technology into a wristwatch. A collection that embodies the passion for “accuracy” is born

“Seiko” has cultivated “accurate time measurement” technology for a long time. One of the turning points in its history is the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Appointed as the official timekeeper responsible for timekeeping for athletes, the company has developed a new stopwatch for the tournament. We realized high-precision timekeeping in 0.01 second units, which was impossible until then, and greatly contributed to the success of the event. With such a historic stopwatch as the origin, a new collection that inherits the name of the world’s first self-winding chronograph “1969 Speed ​​Timer” released five years after the Olympic Games has appeared from “Seiko Prospex”. Let’s introduce the new mechanical 2 model and solar 4 model of the new “speed timer” that watch fans are paying attention to in order.

Here is a limited mechanical model inspired by the design concept and design of the stopwatch in 1964. The first thing to notice is its excellent operability and visibility. The chronograph second hand is long enough to reach the tachymeter scale, and by bending the tip to bring it closer to the scale, the numerical value indicated by the hand can be read instantly. In addition, by adopting a large push button like a stopwatch, it is possible to reliably turn the stopwatch function on, off, and reset. The stainless steel bracelet is newly developed this time, and the moderate thickness and weight make it contribute to high wearability.

The movement “Calibre 8R46” is also a watch fan’s coveted finish. The mechanism used in the “1969 Speed ​​Timer” such as the vertical clutch and column wheel has been further enhanced and installed. In addition, the three arms that activate the chronograph function are integrated as a “Seiko” original trident hammer, enabling instant zeroing of the hands, as well as excellent durability and maintainability.

This limited edition model also comes with a replacement calf strap. The off-white stitching gives a sporty impression, and the concealed treatment on the back prevents the leather material from deteriorating due to sweat. This work, which has been carefully selected for every detail, is limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide, so it is inevitable that it will be sold out. Those who are interested are recommended to purchase early.

Turnwatch technology into a wristwatch. A collection that embodies a passion for "accuracy" is born 5th image

This regular model is equipped with the same movement “caliber 8R46” as the above-mentioned limited model, and the triple bracelet has the same specifications. The big difference in looks is that the charcoal gray dial, bar index and sharp wedge-shaped hour and minute hands give it a neoclassical luxury. From the chronograph hands that make it easier to read the numerical values ​​and the hammer-shaped push buttons that are inspired by the first domestically produced chronograph “Crown Chronograph” that appeared in 1964, you can feel the commitment of “Seiko”. The push feeling of the chronograph movement, which uses a vertical clutch and column wheels, has been praised by watch enthusiasts, and it is a model that allows you to enjoy the technology that “Seiko” has accumulated up to the present day.

Both mechanical and solar models will go on sale on Saturday, November 6th. There is also a special page where you can check the history up to the birth of the collection and the details of the product, so don’t forget to check this in advance.

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