Unraveling the charm of Hamilton’s classic popular model, Ventura

The classic and popular model of “Hamilton” is “Ventura”. In 2017, we are celebrating the 60th anniversary of our birth, and we are expanding the variety, and the momentum is unstoppable.

The essence of American watches. What is the brand power that “Hamilton” is proud of?

The essence of American watches. What is the brand power that "Hamilton" is proud of?

From the late 19th century to the early 20th century, American watches were the top watches in the world. The precision and durability of railroad watches and the history of the munitions industry have taken the country’s watch technology to a higher level. Founded in 1892, “Hamilton” is a powerful brand that can be mentioned as a representative in such history.

The “Ventura” introduced this time is a model that can be said to be a monumental model developed by “Hamilton” as the world’s first electric wristwatch. Although it fell into financial difficulties during the quartz shock and moved its manufacturing base to Switzerland, it is still very popular with a wide range of people from beginners to experts as a wristwatch that inherits the spirit of American watches.

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A masterpiece of “Hamilton”. Reaffirming the charm of “Ventura”

A masterpiece of "Hamilton". Reaffirming the charm of "Ventura"

In 1957, the “Ventura” was introduced as the world’s first wristwatch powered by a motor. The epoch-making shield-shaped design, combined with the asymmetrical shape on the left and right, has made a name for itself in the history of wristwatches. It is also famous for being used by rock singers such as Elvis Presley and Hollywood movie actors. After that, it lost the market competition with the quartz watch caused by “Seiko”, but it is still popular, and now it continues to have an impact by replacing the movement with quartz and mechanical watches.

Why has Ventura fascinated us for more than half a century?

The biggest attraction of “Ventura” is its strong design that attracts the eyes. The unique shield-shaped form that is asymmetrical to the left and right is truly unique. It will not be buried in any dress and will decorate your arm with an outstanding presence. Let’s dig deeper into the charm of such “Ventura”.

Charm 1

An original asymmetric case with the follow-up brand shaken off

An original asymmetric case with the follow-up brand shaken off

Triangle cases can be seen very rarely in antique watches from the 1960s and 1970s, but the original “Ventura” is the only manufacturer that has survived this asymmetrical style.

The fact that only the model survived shows that this shape was not only novel but also a memorable design for many. One person who was fascinated by “Ventura” was Elvis Presley, who wore a “Ventura” that was replaced with a flex (bellows) belt both publicly and privately. He also gave and recommended the model to his close friends.

Charm 2

Position in watch history as seen in dial design

Position in watch history as seen in dial design

“Hamilton” has left a masterpiece in military watches since the 1940s and has lined up the masterpiece “Khaki” from the 1950s. The brand has continued to make a name for itself in the history of watches, such as developing the world’s first electric wristwatch with “Ventura”.

The oscilloscope motif on this uniquely styled dial and the electronic-inspired dot index also symbolize that it was an innovative electric motor at the time. Every time you know such a fact, you will be fascinated by the deep history of “Hamilton” and watches.

Charm 3

One of the attractions is cost performance

One of the attractions is cost performance

The current “Hamilton” has a unique brand color of Switzerland for production and America for spirit and design, and we are working on making watches with excellent cost performance. “Ventura” is now wide enough to be lined up from quartz to mechanical, and many models are available.

The price range is about 100,000 yen including tax for quartz. The most affordable self-winding watch is under 150,000 yen, and even the most elaborate ones cost around 200,000 yen. It is known for its excellent cost performance among watch brands equipped with Swiss movements. This is the reason why the unique standing position, which can be obtained by stretching a little while being a masterpiece watch, is also loved.

Mechanical, quartz, chronograph and more green “Ventura”

Currently, the men’s “Ventura” has a lineup of three types: mechanical, quartz, and quartz chronograph. Each has a slightly different style, and each has the same individuality as it does.

Item 1

All the basics. Simple quartz

All the basics. Simple quartz

The most standard “Ventura”. It is a reproducibility that makes you want to express it as if it were exactly the same as the original at that time. Calf straps that imitate exotic leather are also dressy, but there are many people who comment on Elvis Presley’s style and replace it with a flex belt. The design is novel, but when you put it on your arm, it fits better than it looks, and it fits comfortably in your outfit.

Item 2

All-black “Ventura” that enhances fashion sensitivity

All-black "Ventura" that enhances fashion sensitivity

In recent years, “Ventura”, which has obtained a full black case by PVD coding, has appeared with full satisfaction. Not only the case, but also the metal index and the oscilloscope on the dial are all black. It’s familiar to fashion and has a modest claim, so it’s easy to recommend even for beginners of “Ventura”.

Item 3

The choice of denim, which shows excellent matching with casual style

The choice of denim, which shows excellent matching with casual style

The atmosphere is so different just because the color changes to light blue! The denim-like dial was adopted because it is a “Ventura” that is familiar to people on off days. By using the latest 3D printer, the three-dimensional features that are typical of denim are reproduced. Of course, the strap is also an original denim-like textile. The feeling of the near future of “Ventura” has also been somewhat softened, and it is surprisingly easy to match.

Item 4

Check out the anniversary model that looks more like an adult’s arm

Check out the anniversary model that looks more like an adult's arm

Among the “Ventura” that give off a unique personality, if you want to have something that is a little different from people, pay attention to this one. In commemoration of the 60th anniversary of “Ventura”, the product released in 2017 reproduces a design closer to the original. Luxury gold is enough to satisfy your desire for ownership. One that wants to put a chic color on a futuristic design will support the elegance unique to adults.

Item 5

“Panda face” chronograph that adds mechanicalness

"Panda face" chronograph that adds mechanicalness

The railway circle and three in-dial dials, which take into consideration the reading of the chronograph hands in the center, give the dial a mechanical yet retro look. The evenly spaced indial gaps that shine in the asymmetric case are unique. Since the date display has been added from the above model, the practicality has improved several steps. The above original is the movie “Men in Black” (released in 1997), and this chronograph is “Men in Black 2” (released in 2002). It was adopted.

Item 6

There is also a mechanical model that is closer to the original shape

There is also a mechanical model that is closer to the original shape

The mechanical type of “Ventura” also has a chic look that follows the original looks as shown in the photo. While hollowing out the top and bottom of the dial and insisting on the movement, the coloring is very mature. There are also models with a white dial, both of which are fitted with crocodile embossed calf leather straps. The 11.5mm thickness is one size larger than the quartz model, so it has a strong presence on the wrist.

Item 7

A casual open heart insists on mechanical joy

A casual open heart insists on mechanical joy

Even with the same mechanical model, this open heart model has been sublimated into a chic look that looks more like a suit. The size, hands, and index are the same as above, but the “window” is set to a small size to achieve calmness. The quiet and gentle features fit a wide range of scenes.

Item 8

A mechanical type with a unique combination of “shield” and “maru”

A mechanical type with a unique combination of "shield" and "maru"

The iconic shield-shaped form has a unique circle-shaped treatment that shows the range of movement of the needle. Not only is the color of the circle changed, but it is also a combination of lightly raised three-dimensional parts. It’s strange because this alone makes it look like a classic look.

Item 9

Big size mechanical with a twist

Big size mechanical second image with a twist

This model also emphasizes the mechanism by finishing it in a mesh tone that imitates the engine grill. You can appreciate the world-class movement created by the group company ETA. The industrial and futuristic design is the true value of Hamilton. The case shape is also wider and more dynamic than usual, and the impact is outstanding!

Item 10

Elvis Presley’s 80th anniversary model has an overwhelming presence

The feature is reminiscent of the above “XXL” model, but this is a quartz type. The sapphire crystal glass that curves toward the crown makes you feel the futuristic atmosphere of a science fiction movie spaceship. A model that appeared as a model commemorating the 80th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s birth, in addition to this, a rubber strap and a self-winding model with a striped dial cut are also available.

Although he has a strong personality, he does not choose clothes. Versatility of “Ventura” explored from coordination

Considering the wristwatch alone, “Ventura” of “Hamilton” has a strong individuality design. However, that individuality is never directly linked to the styling problem of being “difficult to match”. Rather, it is the best partner to make an impressive finish on your wrist while being familiar with any outfit. The fashionable adult coordination proves that.

Corde 1

Adult classic. I’m addicted to American casual

Adult classic. I'm addicted to American casual

A universal American casual outfit with a check shirt, dark blue jeans, sneakers and a cap. “Ventura” has a strong personality, but by using a brown leather belt, it is familiar to the casual image. You can also raise the hem of the shirt a little to make the watch look flickering.

Corde 2

Representative of casual. Sweatshirt coordination for an adult face

Representative of casual. Sweatshirt coordination for an adult face

“Ventura” is also good at adding items to street-like coordination. It is a good example that the silhouette with only edges makes it look like an adult. Among the soft East Coast style items, the edgy case and black dial look stylish.

Corde 3

Gold case is suitable for adult American casual

Gold case is suitable for adult American casual

The gold case “Ventura”, which has a scent of 80’s air, is suitable for adult casual styles. In American casual coordination with a surf feeling, we approach luxury and adultness. It plays a role of tightening tightly in the rough air.

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