What is a digital watch that adults should have? 16 brands I would like to recommend now

Be active and light in your mind and outfit. A digital watch that updates your wrist functionally and freshly comes in handy in such a season. Pick up 16 brands that need attention!

Adults also need an easy-to-use digital watch

Adults also need an easy-to-use digital watch

Watches are analog and mechanical. Surprisingly many adults think so. That value is important, but on the other hand, don’t underestimate your digital watch. Basically, there is no maintenance work, and the time display is always accurate. The ease of use is unmatched by mechanical watches. In addition, functional models that support leisure activities such as running and surfing are also appearing one after another. One of the strengths of digital watches is the ease with which they can be used as accessories as an accent for light clothing in the spring and summer.

What to choose is a digital watch with an adult face that doesn’t look cheap

From a wide variety of variations, we carefully select the digital watches that adults want to rely on. Let’s explore the conditions for item selection in terms of both design and function.

Point 1

The aim is black, gray, and silver, which do not look childish.

The aim is black, gray, and silver, which do not look childish.

Considering usability, monotone cannot be removed. Among them, the three colors of black, gray and silver are familiar with the mechanical design peculiar to digital watches. With those colorings, it can be used for light jacket styles such as when you are on a business trip. The wide range of wear is one of the first conditions for a reliable watch.

Point 2

Solar, radio wave reception, GPS and smartphone cooperation … Anyway, practical functions

Solar, radio wave reception, GPS and smartphone cooperation ...  Anyway, practical functions

Equipped with many functions luxuriously. One of the features of digital watches is that you can easily enjoy the excellence of a machine. Not only impact resistance and waterproofness, but also solar charging without battery replacement, GPS reception and smartphone cooperation that do not require time adjustment, and “unique” functions such as lap time measurement and heart rate measurement. Especially for adults who are active as a hobby for work, multifunctionality is also a point to be particular about.

Point 3

The functionality is hidden inside. The dial claim is modest

The functionality is hidden inside.  The dial claim is modest

Based on points 1 and 2 above, we can conclude that a stylish but versatile digital watch is good. Along with that, the final condition is the packaging method. The more you can do, the more rugged the case and the more complicated the design tends to be. If the model has a modest dial claim that doesn’t show them to the outside, it will match the calm dress, and the true value of hiding like a “capable hawk” should be stabbed by an adult with a good eye. ..

Guidance on recommended brands. 16 Digital Watches I Want to Recommend to Adults

From the standard brands in the city to the gems that you like to have specialized strengths. Introducing 16 brands of models that we would like to recommend, including high-performance models with cutting-edge technology unique to digital.

Brand 1



The “G-SHOCK” is well known in the digital watch world, but it is based on the first model “DW-5600”. While the functions such as stopwatch and EL backlight are the minimum necessary, it tickles the man’s heart with a unique and rugged visual. It is a new work that expresses the playfulness of “G-SHOCK”, such as adopting skeleton colors with different shades in the case and band while boldly arranging with the texture of skeleton resin and silver metal.

Brand 2



Suunto, which makes excellent precision equipment such as delivering military equipment in Finland, which is the brand’s knee, is also focusing on watches. This “Suunto Travers Alpha” is also a tough one that has cleared the environmental resistance standard set by the North US Department of Defense, making use of feedback from military personnel. In addition to the moon face calendar that displays the phases of the moon on the specified day, you can also record the navigation and shooting position when moving. It has a terrifying high spec in a simple design.

Brand 3



The mid-century taste is exactly what the German brand “Brown”, which was born in 1921, is very good at. This work, which corresponds to the “Prestige Collection”, which is located at the top of the watches of the same brand, is a gem that has been carefully selected for domestic production in Germany. Alarms, chronographs, time settings, etc. can be managed collectively with the jog dial at the bottom left. It’s a perfect blend of function and design, as if to tell the brand’s philosophy.

Brand 4



“Garmin” has been developing cutting-edge GPS navigation products since its founding in 1989. Not only in the aviation industry, which is the basis of this, but now in the world of watches, it has gained a lot of support. GPS function has been sublimated into a multi-sports watch for fitness and adventure, and this “Phoenix 5 Plus Sapphire” is also equipped with Glonass and Michibiki satellite reception functions. You can also make a dial design for the photos saved on your smartphone via the app.

Brand 5

“Seiko Prospex”

"Seiko Prospex"

“Seiko Prospex” has literally released many professional high-spec watches to the world. This work is also a highly practical one that has a digital notation with outstanding visibility and a highly convenient solar function. Although it is digital, it is waterproof to 200m, and it is also suitable for outdoor use in combination with a rubber belt that is comfortable to wear. The case diameter close to 50 mm has an outstanding impact.

Brand 6



“Seiko” is a Japanese watch maker that boasts a large lineup from mechanical 3 hands to easy quartz models. This work is a limited number of reproductions of the model designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, a master of the Italian industrial design world. The tilted display is fresh even now, so that visibility is not impaired even when the steering wheel is gripped while driving. There are many supporters in the apparel industry, and select shop bespoke models have also been released.

Brand 7

“Future Funk”

"Future Funk"

Digital notation is not just about LCD / LED notation by electric signal. In a sense, “analog”, which indicates the time by rotating the drum on which the time is written, is also counted in the digital watch. The futuristic design, in which the drums rotate slowly, is truly a “future” feeling. The design inspired by the archives of the 1970s has some nostalgia.

Brand 8



Expand globally and cover all lifestyles. As the name suggests, “Retro Digital” has been released from “Fossil”, which boasts a wide range of brands. The large size of 40mm diameter is fresh in the 90’s date that you can understand by looking at it. There are 4 colors that pierce the acupoints, so be sure to check it out.

Brand 9

“Diesel watch”

"Diesel watch"

A simple design and a large time-of-day that symbolize the retro digital trend. It has a highly sensitive look that seems to be a “diesel watch” that has produced many watches with a strong sense of fashion. This work has a stylish silver logo on a black-based body. Although it is a “diesel” with a lot of deca thickness, the case diameter of 3.3 cm width is also attractive.

Brand 10



From “Timex”, which is popular for its rational American design, let’s introduce the masterpieces that became popular when they first appeared in the 1980s. The origin of the name is the ancient civilization Atlantis. Although it is a arrogant name, it is an unmistakable masterpiece that has been loved by many model changes until the present day. As the name of “Atlantis 100”, the waterproof performance is 100m. Other basic parts such as stopwatch and lap memory function are also held.

Brand 11



Nixon’s digital surf watch is extremely popular with surfing lovers. It’s hard to remove the bright colors that are typical of California brands, but this time I chose all black with a dignified look. It is equipped with a tide graph that allows you to check the tide status at any time simply by entering the high tide time of the home point, but this “base tide” is simple enough to support settings in only one place.

Brand 12

“Adidas Originals”

"Adidas Originals"

A digital watch with a silicon strap attached to a polycarbonate case that is perfect for active scenes. As the functions and design are minimally organized, it is a versatile and easy-to-use one. It looks small and the case width is 38.5mm, so it’s hard to make a claim on the wrist. The color variations of over 10 colors are also a highlight.

Brand 13



“Fitbit” is a pioneer of wristband type wearable watches. Nowadays, we have released such a high-performance model. In addition to basic functions such as sleep score, app notification, and activity meter, there are many functions unique to the brand such as voice operation by Alexa and original fitness SNS. The color of the display is good and the visibility is excellent, and the battery lasts for more than 5 days, so even beginners of smart watches can rest assured.

Brand 14



You can memorize 10 sets of 16-digit alphabets and numbers and call them with the push of a button. Here is the current version of “Databank,” which was a hot topic when it first appeared in 1984. The design with a strong habit like a so-called calculator hides a shadow and has been reborn sharper. It is equipped with Telememo 30 that can record 30 phone numbers and LED backlight, and is available in 13 languages.

Brand 15

“Fashion Entertainment”

"Fashion Entertainment"

This “FES WATCH U” by “Sony” is truly a “future” watch. By making the dial and belt from the same piece of electronic paper, you can change the design of the entire watch with the push of a button. If you link it with a dedicated smartphone app, you can transform it into your own wristwatch with the photos you take. Original designs by creators from Japan and overseas are also available in the app, and the variations are gradually expanding.

Brand 16

“Clock Two”

"Clock Two"

Only the seemingly random alphabets are placed on the dial. However, this is also a decent watch. It was created by Begelt & Funk, a German design agent company. When you press the push button on the right side of the case once, a specific character lights up and a sentence indicating the current time appears on the dial. The concept is “life is busy enough”. It is a unique design that makes you feel the antithesis of being tied to time.

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