Why do discerning watch lovers choose Longines? The reason for seeing in the flagship showing “case”

“Longines”, which has a history of about 190 years, is a special presence in the watch world. The flagship model is a timepiece that goes beyond the boundaries of life and has the value to be passed down to future generations.

The more you know the watch, the more you like it. “Longines”, a “permanent” watch that keeps its reliable value

The more you know the watch, the more you like it.  "Longines", a "permanent" watch that keeps its reliable value

In the world of wristwatches, there is a “case” that cannot be measured by price. This value, backed by history, attitude toward manufacturing, and accumulated technological capabilities, is a treasure of each brand that has been cultivated over a long period of time. The world’s leading Swiss watch brand, “Longines” is one of the most prestigious brands.

Its history is profound. Founded in 1832 in Saint-Imier, Switzerland. When the company opened its own factory in 1867, it succeeded in developing the first in-house movement “Calibre 20A” and won the award at the Paris World Exposition. Considering that it was natural for Etabrisur to outsource parts such as movements at that time, we can see how its technological capabilities were ahead of the times.

The more you know the watch, the more you like it.  The second image of the "Permanent" clock "Longines" that continues to protect its reliable value

Later, when the chronograph movement was successfully developed, it would be widely adopted in the field of sports such as equestrian competition. Furthermore, in 1919, it was certified as an official watch of the International Aviation Federation and made a name for itself as an empty timekeeper. One of the most famous is the “Hour Angle Watch”, which was created by the idea of ​​Charles A. Lindbergh, the adventurer who succeeded in the first solo transatlantic flight. This model, which facilitates latitude and longitude calculations and can accurately measure position, is a timepiece that shines brilliantly in watch history.

In addition, Howard Hughes, who achieved the world’s fastest round-the-world flight in 1938, and Amelia Earhart, the first female to achieve a solo trans-Pacific flight in 1932. It was also “Longines” that supported their feat. Providing a pocket watch for timekeeping at the 1896 Olympic Games in Athens. Since 2006, he has built up a track record in a wide range of fields, including serving as an official partner of the International Ski Federation.

The more you know the watch, the more you like it.  The third image of the "Permanent" clock "Longines" that continues to protect its reliable value

Despite being such a prestigious Swiss watch, “Longines” is also attractive for its high value. For example, the flagship model “Longines Master Collection” has a lineup of models equipped with a moon phase, but the price of the 3-needle type is less than 300,000 yen including tax. This is a setting that overwhelms the market price of models equipped with the moon phase developed by other luxury watch brands. In recent years, the price of mechanical watches has increased remarkably, but “Longines” has not been swept away by such trends. The brand proves that it is possible to set a challenging price while maintaining the status of a luxury watch.

Among Swiss watches, “Longines” has a long history and excellent technology. The straightforward craftsmanship image is highly evaluated by watch experts, and it is guaranteed that it will be seen by bosses and business partners who have a family word for mechanical watches. “Longines” is a “permanent” watch that maintains its unchanging value from the past to the present and the future.

The “Longines Master Collection”, which has a strong brand philosophy, is a “realistic” masterpiece.

Only the brand with a history of nearly 190 years has a wide variety of variations such as “heritage” and “aviation”. Many people will say, “I want Longines, but I don’t know which model to choose.” However, if you want to taste the essence of this brand, the answer is limited to one. “Longines Master Collection”.

The “Longines Master Collection”, which was born in 2005, is a collection that is positioned as the flagship of the brand. The design embodies the aesthetics of “Longines,” with the essence of “classic,” “elegance,” and “timeless,” with the high visibility of a wristwatch as the first priority. Its dignified appearance harmonizes with a wide range of styling, from elegant casual to solid suit styles, and enhances the dignity of the outfit.

In addition, there is only a collection that impressed the return of “Longines” to mechanical watches when it appeared in 2005, and it is also characterized by the fact that all models are equipped with a high-precision mechanical movement. ETA, a global manufacturer of movements belonging to the same Swatch Group, will bring together movements with complex mechanisms such as moon phases, chronographs, triple calendars, and retrogrades, centered on exclusive movements made for “Longines”.

The "Longines Master Collection", which has a strong brand philosophy, is a "realistic" masterpiece.

However, when it comes to movements that are particular about the flagship model, what is worrisome is the price. However, there is “Longines”. The attitude of sticking to reasonable prices remains unchanged. As mentioned at the beginning, the “Longines Master Collection” is mainly around 300,000-400,000 yen, and even models with complicated mechanisms such as triple calendars and retrogrades will fit in the 400,000 yen range. It’s far easier to reach than other luxury watch brands.

Classic design, precision movement and realistic pricing that is now rare. The “Longines Master Collection”, which is a condensed version of the prestigious charm, is a gem that we would like to recommend to anyone who is already interested in “Longines” as well as anyone who is considering purchasing a full-scale mechanical watch.

A crystal with a delicate and complicated mechanism. A chronograph showing the present of the “Longines Master Collection”

Among the “Longines Master Collection”, the chronograph model “L2.673.4.92.0” is the first candidate if you want to mention the latest model at the time of purchase. The minimal watch boom, which has been stripped of its decorativeness, has come to an end, and in recent years, watches with strong tastes such as chronographs and divers’ watches are becoming a new trend. In addition to the chronograph, “L2.673.4.92.0” is equipped with a moon phase mechanism that shows the phases of the moon and a triple calendar that displays the month, date, and day of the week. It’s finished. These complicated mechanisms have a natural look and fit in a 40mm diameter wristwatch that is easy to handle. If you like watches, you’ll see how this is built on high technology.

However, there is a concern that such complication watches will break down … In that respect, “Longines” can continue to be used with confidence even in models with complicated mechanisms, thanks to its reliable technology and established care system. After 2021, the warranty period for self-winding watches is set to 5 years from the time of purchase. This covers the period generally required from luxury to overhaul, and I feel that the user-oriented attitude of “Longines” is downright.

In addition, the movement is equipped with the “L687”, which boasts a power reserve of up to 54 hours and has been improved based on the ETA product. The design is highly complete, and the dial color is deep blue, which makes you feel the intellect. Furthermore, the sunray processing that changes the reflection of light depending on the viewing angle and the three-dimensional applied index enhance the elegant impression. Although there are many elements, the impression is just neat. You can see the outstanding aesthetic sense of “Longines” around here as well.

A crystal with a delicate and complicated mechanism.  The fifth image of the chronograph showing the present of the "Longines Master Collection"

In addition, some models equipped with a chronograph, which is originally a sporty design, do not go well with suit styles. However, “L2.673.4.92.0” is an exception. The elegant image of the blue dial that shines in the light of the sunray process, the graceful curved leaf hands, and the alligator strap of the same color harmonizes perfectly with clean casual, jacket pan style, and dressy suit style. .. It also boosts its ability as a wristwatch, and if it is one, it will promise a wide range of activities as an on / off dual-purpose watch.

The beauty you notice because you don’t decorate it. Moon phase 3-needle model with unchanging value in the future

If you want a timeless basic wristwatch with versatility that matches a wider range of styling, we recommend the 3-needle “L2.909.4.92.6”. The model that inherits the basic specifications of “L2.673.4.92.0” such as the blue dial with sunray processing, leaf hands, applied index, moon phase at 6 o’clock is a watch lover of the young age and mechanical watches. One that is perfect for beginners. Each element, including the moon phase, stands out because the facial features are relatively small and authentic with a diameter of 40 mm. Of course, the ability to mix and match will surpass the chronograph and will cover important business scenes and weekends regardless of the scene

In addition, “L2.673.4.92.6” has a high level of practicality. The movement is equipped with the “L899”, which boasts a long power reserve of 72 hours, which means that if you wind the crown on Friday night before removing it, it will continue to drive on Monday morning. In addition, the case back is a see-through specification that allows you to enjoy the precise movements unique to mechanical watches. Together with the moon phase mentioned above, it is one that you can enjoy the real pleasure of a full-scale mechanical watch.

A watch that goes beyond the boundaries of lifelong things and is worth passing on to future generations. Get “Longines” this winter

A watch that goes beyond the boundaries of lifelong things and is worth passing on to future generations.  Get "Longines" this winter

What are the elements required for a real mechanical watch? The status as a wristwatch, the universal value that is not trendy, the trust that can be used for a long time, the asset value that will be passed down to future generations. The “Longines Master Collection”, which brings together the best of “Longines”, meets all the wishes of those who love mechanical watches. Decades later, the Longines Master Collection will still be a dignified figure in the eyes of the owner, even in the hands of the next generation.

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