With a G-Shock analog clock, you’ll always be happy whether it’s on or off.

With a G-Shock analog clock, you’ll always be happy whether it’s on or off.

“G-SHOCK” has built up the concept of toughness in wristwatches and now has fans all over the world. The image of a digital clock is strong, but in fact, there are many masterpieces that attract adults even in the analog type.

The goodness of “unique”. The analog type of “G-SHOCK” works on the arm of an adult

“G-SHOCK” has established a genre of toughness in wristwatches and has fans all over the world. Everyone should have worn it once only for the popular series, but nowadays, not only the digital display type but also the analog type that informs the time by the operation of the hour and minute hands is increasing its share. Compared to digital, it can be worn in a wide range of situations such as suits, and because it is a “G-SHOCK” with excellent design, it is addictive to off-the-shelf clothing. I would like to pay attention to one of the analog types that works for such an adult’s arm.

Is it completely analog or analog / digital? What is the appeal of each of the two options?

First of all, regarding the appeal of “complete analog”, the personality as a product that decorates the wrists of adults may be mentioned first. Therefore, it matches naturally with the suit, so it is a type that is very easy to pick up for a working adult man. Even if the high visibility is not comparable to the digital display, you can enjoy the joy of wearing a companion who keeps time accurately every second even in the biz scene. And the opposite is the “anadigi” type, which has a calm impression of analog and easy-to-see digital, with a digital display added. This is easier to match with daily outfits and can create a casual mood. It can be said that the key is to use it properly according to your taste and situation.

Recommendations for each of the four categories. 14 must-have analog watches for “G-SHOCK”

When you decide to buy an analog type of “G-Shock”, you will need a more specific index. Therefore, the models that should be bought now are subdivided into four categories. Here are 14 books that have the common denominator of a must-have, although they have different functions and prices, such as the high-end line that men long for, materials with an adult personality, military models that are extremely tough, and analog digital that can be used casually.

▼ Category 1: Longing for a man who wants to get one day. Luxury lines “MR-G” and “MT-G”

First of all, let’s know about the high-end lines “MR-G” and “MT-G” that exist as “G-Shock” for adults. The former is a top-level collection with the keywords “style and authenticity”. We continue to send out highly complete products that combine advanced technology and craftsmanship in a lightweight case made of titanium material. On the other hand, the theme of the “MT-G” series is “fusion of metal and resin”. The lineup, which retains the remnants of the conventional model, has a perfection and excellent functionality that makes it useful in the biz scene.



A thin radio solar model equipped with the “tough movement” of the “MR-G”, which is the highest grade line of the “G-SHOCK”. The bezels and cases of the main parts are double-hardened, and the screws and side buttons are coated with diamond-like carbon to strengthen the exterior to the strongest class. It is one that is suitable for reigning at the top of the tough “G-Shock”. In addition, the functionality is also substantial, and the gems that have exhausted the technology such as “multi-band 6” that receives standard radio waves of 6 stations in the world and corrects the time and the automatic hand position correction function are not necessary to watch. I can’t help admiring it.



A Bluetooth-equipped machine that has become a standard in the “MT-G” series. Mirror polish is applied to each edge of the parts, and beautiful and delicate hairline processing is applied to each surface to enhance the texture. The center case is made of carbon fiber reinforced resin to reduce weight and impact resistance, and succeeded in making it the first middle size in the series. As it is a soft urethane band specification that enhances wearability, it is easy to fit on the wrist and can be shared by men and women.

▼ Category 2: “Steel” and “Carbon” that cannot be removed with G-Shock analog watches

By pursuing toughness = durability, which is the proof of the brand’s existence, “G-SHOCK” has met with two special materials. That is steel and carbon. In the former, the heavyness peculiar to the metal material brings a sense of security to the arm and spurs toughness. The latter has both the lightness of resin and the strength that exceeds that of metal, further enhancing functionality. Here, we carefully select and introduce a special analog model that allows you to fully enjoy the charm of both materials that evolve functionality and design.



This is a design variation in which the strap is changed to stainless steel that gives off a hard shine, and gold is placed on parts such as the hour and minute hands, indial, index, and front screw with IP treatment. The high-class appearance, which is rugged, matches well with the wrists of adults. It is equipped with a Bluetooth communication function, and the high time accuracy, which is the identity of a watch, is uncompromising.



In pursuit of further toughness, we adopted a carbon monocoque case that integrates the case and back cover, and built a carbon core guard structure that protects the module from external impact. In addition, lightweight and tough carbon material is used for the bezel and strap, and titanium material is used for the push buttons and button pipes to strengthen the structure and reduce the weight. As a result, we have achieved a weight of 72g, which is the lightest in the series.

▼ Category 3: Military analog clock that tickles the man’s heart

I long for high-end models, but I can’t miss the military-style model that pursues toughness to the utmost, assuming use under extreme conditions. The diver’s watch “Frogman”, which is the first “G-SHOCK” to have a water resistance of 200m and is compliant with the ISO standard. The pilot watch “Gravity Master” has a toughness structure that can withstand the three gravitational accelerations of impact force, centrifugal gravity, and vibration for one-sided or airplane riders. If you have both, you are ready for battle.

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One “Gravity Master” from the “Master of G” Air Series, which boasts specifications that can withstand the use of Air Force pilots. In order to acquire accurate time information in any harsh environment in the world, it is equipped with a mobile link function by Bluetooth in addition to the time adjustment function by GPS satellite radio wave and standard radio wave reception function. It is a whole-body work that pursues the absolute accuracy of the time by three means. In addition, the function as a pilot watch is also firmly implemented. With anti-magnetism that is not affected by cockpit equipment, latitude / longitude display, and a super illuminator that illuminates the dial brightly and improves visibility at night, it becomes a high-spec wristwatch that can not be complained. It has been finished.



The latest work of the “Master of G” series, which has toughness that can withstand harsh environments, is the analog version “Frogman” equipped with a carbon x stainless steel composite band that is both strong and lightweight. A carbon monocoque case has been adopted to improve toughness performance and reduce weight. Furthermore, in terms of functionality, one that has evolved in all directions, such as installing a new module, is even higher.

▼ Category 4: If you want to make a slightly casual arm, use the analog-digital type.

An analog type with an adult personality in the “G-SHOCK” family whose creed is toughness and functionality. It’s probably more than enough to convey its higher-grade appeal, but if you’re going to wear it daily, it’s okay to have a model that you can enjoy a little more casually. Therefore, I would like to propose an analog-digital type that combines an analog needle and a digital display. While having both personality and functionality, it always fits in well. I collected 8 such books.



Adding new functions to past masterpieces and making them revive is the specialty of “G-SHOCK”. The “AW-500” was born in 1989 as the first analog digital model in the history of “G-SHOCK”. This model is equipped with a radio wave reception function and tough solar while maintaining its round case design and smooth strap shape. It’s a really smart idea to faithfully reproduce the original but update the contents that can’t be seen from the outside.



The round case design is modern, but if you want to express the toughness of the “G-SHOCK”, I would recommend the “GMA-S2100”, which inherits the octagonal shape of the first model “DW-5000C”. The simplicity is downsized from the popular “GA-2100”, and it is surprisingly thin at 11.2mm, which is the thinnest class in the same genre. The flat face and lean bar index create a solid impression, and it works well in any scene.



Ana-Digi is also popular in the skeleton-colored series that prevailed in the 90’s. The body gives off a clean impression based on white. The three-dimensional hour and minute hands, which demonstrate our unique resin molding technology, use a powerful and thick bold hand to improve visibility. The synergistic effect of the dial ring and index with the three-dimensionally designed 3D face brings a powerful visual to the wrist.



By using clear resin, an analog-digital model that gives a glimpse of a retro-futuristic side is born with an even stronger industrial atmosphere. By repainting the metal exterior of the stainless steel bezel with the gold color of the gold nugget motif, it is possible to create a luxurious mood. The skeleton-colored strap accentuates the hard shine and gives it a luxurious and fashionable finish, making it especially suitable for the spring-summer season.



The “Fire Package” expresses the toughness spirit of people who challenge new fields and the world with colorful orange accent colors. I also found an analog digital type in the lineup. For the base model, “AWG-M100S” is adopted, which has practicality such as radio wave solar, date, and day of the week display in a compact case. It is an ambitious work that makes you feel the affinity with the street style.



One from the “Big Case” series, which boasts a case width of over 50 mm and is lined with popular large models. The body is bold and three-dimensional, as if a lump of resin material was carved out with a knife, giving off a masculine image in combination with the big face. The solid mortar-shaped dial design expresses the toughness of the brand, and the design itself is simple but has a sufficient impact. In terms of functionality, it is equipped with a stopwatch function and magnetic resistance, and it is highly practical, as expected, it is a “G-Shock”.



Here, the third side-by-side has a retro feel. The matte finish case and strap use black and red, which are also the brand colors of “G-SHOCK”, to create a catchy arm. Highly fashionable coloring should be a casual accent in your outfit. From spring to summer, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to add gorgeousness to a simple coordination like jeans on a white T.



From the popular “GA-140” series, the glossy black x gold “G-SHOCK” looks like it has been polished. The tough structure remains the same, but the color scheme that shines on the street tickles the man’s heart. The model, which has a luxurious atmosphere, not only upgrades to a higher-grade man just by wearing it, but it is also guaranteed to play an active role as an eye catcher, so I would like to incorporate it as a fashion accessory for spring and summer.

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